STEM for Homeschoolers

May 28th, 2:00pm to 3:15pm

Join us for a weekly program for Homeschoolers and Unschoolers where we explore a different STEM topic every week! 

Ages 5-11 years (children younger than 8 must be with a caregiver at all times). Younger children may attend with their families if necessary, a corner with activities for them will be available.

Tuesdays May 7-June 25, 2:00-3:15 p.m. (8 weeks)

Materials fee: $15 per child for all 8 weeks

Location: Optimist Room

Please only register if your child will be able to attend all eight weeks. This is a group work environment, and one in which we will build on previous weeks' knowledge, so complete attendance (except in the case of illness or emergency) is required.  


Week 1: Germs and Molds: learn what lurks around the library and on your body! We’ll test hands, door handles and other potential bacteria home, and see what we can grow! (this topic will have updates every few weeks, as the bacteria grow)

Week 2: Coding with LEGO® WeDo®: learn how to build simple robots and make them move with LEGO® WeDo®.

Week 3: Animal Anatomy: we’ll learn about how animals move, think and make noise, and do some experiments to replicate some of the interesting things animals can do.

Week 4: 3D Printing: Learn all about 3D printers and help design some 3D printable objects using CAD software!

Week 5: Light and luminescence: we’ll do prism experiments, learn about plants and animals that glow and how they do it, and make kaleidoscopes!

Week 6: Food Science: learn cool banana facts, tattoo a banana, make butter, and learn about DNA and how to extract fruit DNA.

Week 7: Magnets and Circuits: first we’ll do cool magnet experiments and learn about polarity, then we’ll enter the world of circuits and how they work!

Week 8: Slime Supreme! Learn about polymers and how they work, and create a variety of slimes and other cool polymer experiments!


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