About us

Our Vision for the Future

We are Aurora's place for exploring possibilities, fostering ideas and mobilizing knowledge.
With our partners we provide spaces and connections to stimulate learning, share information and build a better community. Our passion is to make a positive difference in Aurora and in the lives of those who live,
work and study here.

Our Mission

Discovery and Inspiration...
Connecting Aurora to information, lifelong learning, literacy, and the love of reading.
Our Values
Intellectual Freedom: We uphold the principles of intellectual freedom and free access to information.
Literacy: We foster literacy and promote lifelong learning in our community.
Accessibility:  We support accessible and equitable access to facilities, information resources and services for all.
Excellence: We strive for excellence in service delivery through investments in staff development, new technologies, innovation and collaboration.
Accountability: We serve the community with integrity and fiscal responsibility.


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